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Image of a person reviewing financial documents
May 12, 2021

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Financial Statement Services: Audit, Review, Compilation, and Preparation

Financial statements are a critical component used by management and boards of nonprofit organizations (NPO) to gauge how well the … Read more…

March 22, 2021

Tax Brief: Form 990, Schedule M – Noncash Contributions

From donated clothing to medical supplies to securities, non-cash contributions are a vital form of support of many non-for-profit organization. … Read more…

image of irs form 990
January 14, 2021

Webinar: What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about Form 990

In this webinar, we share best practices and policies for ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. You’ll gain valuable information that … Read more…

Image of IRS Form 990 Schedule G
August 31, 2020

Tax Brief: Form 990, What You Need to Know About Schedule G

The IRS Form 990’s Schedule G provides information about a not-for-profit organization’s fundraising activities and events, including benefit dinners and … Read more…

Photo of printed financial reports
August 5, 2020

PPP Loans: Nonprofit Accounting & Reporting Considerations in Accordance with US GAAP

Image of a computer keyboard with a key that reads "PPP Paycheck Protection Program"
July 14, 2020

PPP Loan Application Process Extended

Graphic showing technology security
June 25, 2020

WATCH: “Nonprofit Internal Controls in the Remote Working Environment”

Fraud can affect any organization, no matter the size, location, or industry. Internal controls are more important than ever in … Read more…

Image of the IRS Form 990 document
June 18, 2020

Tax Brief: Form 990, Schedule I Grants and Other Assistance

The IRS Form 990’s Schedule I is designed to provide information about a not-for-profit organization’s giving of grants and other … Read more…

Logo of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
June 15, 2020

FASB Delays Effective Date for Revenue Recognition and Lease Standards

In an effort to provide relief to certain entities experiencing business disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Financial Accounting … Read more…

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June 8, 2020

FTE Calculation and Its Affect on PPP Forgiveness

If you have received funds under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), you need to know the importance of Full-Time Equivalent … Read more…