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Image of the IRS Form 990 document
April 25, 2024

Tax Brief: Form 990, Schedule I Grants and Other Assistance

The IRS Form 990’s Schedule I is designed to provide information about a not-for-profit organization’s giving of grants and other assistance to domestic individuals, governments, and organizations. This includes cash grant awards, non-cash assistance, scholarships, stipends, and other similar payments. … Read more…

Image of a box being handed from person to person, and the box says 'Donations'
August 23, 2023

Tax Brief: Form 990, Schedule M: Noncash Contributions

From donated clothing to medical supplies to securities, non-cash contributions are a vital form of support of many non-for-profit organization. The IRS Form 990 Schedule M is used to report information about non-cash contributions received by a not-for-profit organization. The … Read more…

Image of a desk with a paper that says 'Retirement Plan'
July 25, 2023

Webinar replay: Retirement Plan Options for Not for Profit Entities

In our recent Nonprofit Roundtable we present a comprehensive review of employee retirement plan choices for your organization. Whether you are setting up a new plan or wondering if your existing plan is right for your group, this roundtable will … Read more…

Image of a business growth chart being measured
May 19, 2023

Key Performance Indicators for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) KPIs are quantifiable measures of how well you are performing activities that are critical to the success of your organization Statement of Financial Position Indicators Liquidity Current Ratio and Quick Ratio The current ratio and quick … Read more…

Image of an election party with people holding small American flags
May 4, 2023

Tax Brief: Schedule C Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities

The IRS Form 990’s Schedule C is designed to provide information about a not-for-profit organization’s political campaign and lobbying activities. It is critical for not-for-profits to be aware of Schedule C as it is one of the few ways that … Read more…

Image of a building with a 'For Rent' sign
January 23, 2023

Tax Brief: Tax Impacts from Debt Financed Rental Property

Tax-exempt organizations engaging in business that is unrelated to its primary exempt purpose may generate income that subject to the unrelated business income tax (UBIT). One common type of income that may be subject to UBIT is income derived from … Read more…

Image of Forms 990 and a calculator
December 12, 2022

Webinar: “What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about Form 990”

Jones & Roth’s 2023 Nonprofit Roundtable presents what every nonprofit needs to know about the Form 990. We share best practices and policies for ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. You’ll gain valuable information that could affect the way you raise … Read more…

Image of one hand giving another hand a red heart
December 5, 2022

Does it count as a charitable contribution?

Just because something is called a donation, doesn’t mean it yields a charitable deduction. In fact, many charities offer programs wherein participants are required to make a “donation” prior to partaking. When trying to determine whether a donor can claim … Read more…

Image of different kinds of crypto and virtual currency
November 18, 2022

Virtual Currency Donations

What is virtual currency? Virtual currency is a digital representation of value that functions as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and/or a store of value. Virtual or “crypto” currency utilizes cryptography to validate and secure transactions that … Read more…

Image of a boardroom with people talking
October 27, 2022

Tax Brief: Form 990, Schedule L: Transactions with Interested Persons

The IRS Form 990 Schedule L is used to disclose certain types of transactions between a not-for-profit organization and interested persons. These transactions include excess benefits transactions, loans, grants or other assistance, and business transactions. This schedule is also used … Read more…

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