Career Paths

Whatever your career path looks like and wherever it takes you, make it uniquely yours and enjoy the journey.

We’ll be supporting you along the way.

At Jones & Roth, everyone’s career path is unique to them. You’ll collaborate with your mentor to map out a path that works for your professional and personal goals, clients and firm roles. 

You’ll regularly review your map with your Coach/Guide so you can adapt as life changes.

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Step 1

Where to Start

Jones & Roth team members have a variety of base paths. Choose the one that’s best for where you are now. As life changes, you can adapt or change your path.

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Follow the well-traveled path from staff accountant to firm leadership. A standard timeline gives you time to explore, develop your goals and discover your strengths.

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A personalized, alternative timeline helps you make space for other responsibilities or interests in your life. Options include part-time, seasonal or other alternative schedules.

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Charge up the summit to meet your growth goals on an accelerated timeline. Challenge yourself, take on more responsibility and work closely with your Mentor to forge your Path.

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Step 2

Personalize Your Journey

Choose Where to Focus

Focus on the areas that allow you to leverage your strengths and do what you do best.

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Classic Focus

Build your practice with a well-rounded set of skills and experiences as you work with various teams throughout the firm and a wide variety of clients.

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People Focus

Use your strengths working with people to build a career that invests in others. Options include meeting with new clients, providing impactful client service, and supporting other team members.

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Technical Focus

Hone your technical skills to develop specialized expertise.  Learn the tools and techniques to provide support to our clients and team members and contribute to our quality control teams.

Find Your Niche

Find the industry or service niche that best matches your interests and strengths

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Client Groups

Is your personality a good match for a specific client niche? Join a team where you can provide services for the clients you most enjoy working with.  

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Technical Knowledge

Are your technical skills and interests aligned with one of our technical departments?  Join a team where your expert skills can make a big impact for our clients.

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Work Cycles

Does your lifestyle line up with the work cycles of one of our niches or departments? Join a niche that fits with your lifestyle, flexibility, and seasons.

Choose Your Environment

Determine what works best for you: flexibility to choose where you practice to help you succeed. Work with your Coach/Guide to find the environment that fits with your Path, Focus and Niche. 

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Work in the office at least three days a week for community, connection and your own dedicated personal workspace. 

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Thrive in a flexible hybrid arrangement and come into the office as needed, based on your schedule, clients and the environment that enables you to do your best work.

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Engage and contribute to your team virtually with regular meetings, online project management tools, and in-person visits several times a year. 

Step 3

Check the Map and Adapt

Life happens. You need a Career Path that can adapt along with you.

Your Mentor will support and guide you through your journey. Together you will regularly review your map and assess your current Path, Focus, Niche and Environment choices, making changes as needed.

Keep Going

Are things going well? Wonderful, you’re on the right path!  Continue and revisit your short- and long-term goals with your Mentor.

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Shift to a FlexPath

Is there a new priority in your life? Collaborate with your mentor to create a FlexPath, whether it’s taking a pause, a less challenging path or a change of course.

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Make a Change

Interested in a new destination? Explore the choices you’ve made in your career and work with your mentor to make changes that fit with your current interests, strengths, professional and personal goals and lifestyle.

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Every career path is different. Here are some of ours.

Robin Matthews, CPA

Evan Dickens, CPA

Nicole McOmber, CPA

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Michael Bergland, CPA

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Kim Lyon, CPA

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