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Get to Know the Path to Public Accounting

Public Accounting Recruiting starts as soon as you declare your major.  It’s important to be familiar with the path to public accounting so you can participate in the events, networking opportunities and internships that will help you decide if a path to CPA is for you and then, which firm is the best place for you to start your career.

Below is a classic path for public accounting recruiting.  It’s a place to start.  Just like CareerPath’s at Jones & Roth, there is a lot of flexibility and options in your recruiting path.  At Jones & Roth, we consider all candidates for internships, summer programs and other events.  Other firms might have more stringent timelines for you to follow.

Questions about your Recruiting Path?  Reach out to one of our recruiting team members to talk about your situation.

As you consider the Path to CPA, it is important to know your CPA eligibility date.  This is the date you are eligible to sit for the CPA exam.  Each state has similar but slightly different rules regarding sitting for the exam.  Be sure to look into the requirements for the state you intend to work in after graduation. 

The requirements for the Oregon Board of Accountancy are spelled out here: Board of Accountancy : CPA Exam Information : State of Oregon. Firms will be looking for your CPA Eligibility date on your resume.  Make sure it’s easy to find and include both month and year.

Classic Path to CPA Recruiting

3 Years From CPA Eligibility

  • Declared major in accounting
  • Fall Term:  Connect with Firms at recruiting events and apply for internships where possible
  • Winter:  Apply for Spring/Summer programs

Spring / Summer

  • Attend spring/summer programs – possible early internship offers
  • Connect with Firms at BAPmeetings and more
  • Schedule informational interviews and office visits

2 Years From CPA Eligibility

  • Fall:  Apply for upocming winter/summer internships
  • Winter/Spring:  Continue to connect with Firms

Winter / Summer

  • Internships!
  • Possible early offers for additional internships or staff positions

1 Year From CPA Eligibility

  • Fall:  Apply for full time positions and possibly winter internships

CPA Eligibility

  • You’re on your way to CPA!
  • Start your Career Path with a Firm that can help you achieve your professional and personal goals

Join Our Team

Jones & Roth is participating in the AICPA and NASBA integrated Experience, Learn, and Earn (ELE) program to support students and new Staff in their journey to CPA.

The recruiting process at Jones & Roth was so easy and straight-forward. I loved having the opportunity to meet team members that were at different places in their careers. During the internship, I felt very welcomed as part of the team and supported through trainings and mentor relationships. I’m excited for my future with Jones & Roth.

Allison Clark, Staff Accountant

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