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Image of contractors going over plans and blueprints
May 10, 2024

How construction businesses can better manage their money

For construction businesses, financial management is notoriously complex. Contractors have to deal with the ebbs and flows of their respective markets, project-based pricing and collections, rising operating costs, and various other factors — not the least of which is bad … Read more…

Image of contractors trying to figure out their business
February 23, 2024

Change order management: Best practices for construction businesses

As you know, change orders are an inherent part of the construction industry. Alterations to the original design, specifications, execution methods or scope of a job can impact the budget and timeline. And when not discussed and documented properly, they … Read more…

Image of toy blocks with dolls stepping up the block steps
January 18, 2024

How construction company owners can build a succession plan framework

At some time or another, construction company owners must hang up their hard hats. But what will happen to your business when you retire or move on to the next professional opportunity? And what if you suddenly can’t work for … Read more…

Image of a Contractor holding up a lock
December 12, 2023

6 ways construction companies can strengthen cybersecurity

Some contractors might assume hackers won’t bother with smaller construction businesses. Sadly, they’d be wrong. Construction companies tend to have high turnover rates, which means they store lots of personal data on past and present employees. And they usually have … Read more…

Image of a contractor and construction worker talking at a job site
November 13, 2023

8 ways construction businesses can proactively manage their supply chains

Both global and national supply chains received much attention during the pandemic. Slowdowns and choke points have become relatively less common since, but that hasn’t stopped “supply chain issues” from being a commonly heard refrain in the construction industry. As … Read more…

Image of a contractor installing energy-efficient siding
October 20, 2023

Could your construction business qualify for an energy-efficient tax deduction?

Section 179D of the Internal Revenue Code allows a deduction for the cost of energy-efficient improvements to new or existing commercial buildings, as well as certain residential rental buildings. Originally a temporary incentive that was renewed several times, the tax … Read more…

Image of construction tools with one having the word 'Coverage' on it
September 19, 2023

An insurance policy glossary for construction business owners

Every type of business needs at least a few insurance policies. Construction companies, however, tend to need many of them. After all, there are so many risks to guard against. Precisely which types of coverage your company needs will depend … Read more…

Image of a hard-hat, a stethoscope, and the words 'KPIs'
August 31, 2023

Check your construction company’s vital signs with KPIs

When you go to the doctor, the first thing the medical staff likely does is check vital signs such as your temperature and blood pressure. They do so because, if any of these measurements are outside the norms, the doctor … Read more…

Image of construction workers installing panels on a roof
July 17, 2023

Use proactive measures to manage materials and labor costs

High inflation and rising interest rates are still affecting many businesses. For construction company owners, this means you’ll need to continue paying close attention to materials and labor costs. Keeping these dollar amounts in line calls for ongoing proactive measures. … Read more…

Image of a contractor refueling equipment
May 11, 2023

Your construction company may be able to claim the fuel tax credit

The federal fuel tax credit recently made the news when it was referenced on the IRS’s most recent “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams. However, the false fuel-tax-credit scam involves dishonest third parties telling individuals that they may qualify for … Read more…

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